Got Wrist Pain? Try a Vertical mouse (ANKER Vertical Wireless Mouse)

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Anker Vertical Mouse

To start off, I work at a computer most of the day. I’m an engineer in 2D Autocad and the number of clicks I take in a day is really high. I used to work with 3D software and the number of clicks wasn’t so high. All this matters because at my new job as a 2D designer I was beginning to get some wrist pain.

It started small usually on high productivity days, my wrist would be a little sore, or maybe by the end of standard work week. I would usually chalk it up a hard week, my weekends would fly by and the my wrist would start to feel better and another week would come and maybe by Thursday this time my wrist would be sore, so Friday was not pretty, the weekend would come and I would start to feel better when BOOM Monday shows up again the cycle of pain and healing starts all over.

Skip forward another couple of months, and now I am taking pain relievers to help get me through the weekend only to have my whole week be painful. I started to do some research online and soon it became clear that what I was dealing with was the beginning stages of carpal tunnel syndrome, I couldn’t believe because I have not worked at a computer my whole life, I thought CTS was because of a lifetime of bad form not after only 5 years of design work. I was wrong CTS is a symptom of repetitive stress, ie. Clicking a mouse 50,000 times a day I guess would count as repetitive.

I immediately starting looking for ways to improve my situation, I looked at stretches I could do, I looked at wrist braces to wear, and finally I looked at my mouse. I bought a couple of wrist braces to use when my symptoms flared up the most, but the mouse was the real trick.

I read through all the lists of “Top BLA BLA” computer mice, I pulled the trigger on a more affordable vertical mouse called ANKER Wireless Vertical Mouse, some vertical mice can run you hundreds of dollars, I didn’t want to spend that kind of money just to have it not work, and the Anker was around $20. This mouse looks a little funny, sort of like a shark fin and puts your hand in a more comfortable position the company calls it the hand shake position. Two weeks after using it and I haven’t had any wrist pain at all, I was back to doing pushups and playing with my kids, and still designing all day at my desk.

If you have even mild pain in your wrist and you use a computer all day, then skip all the research I did and get this mouse right away. I have posted several links to amazon in the review, don’t hesitate, like I said it starts slow but doesn’t really go away.

Anker Vertical Mouse