What’s for dinner?

I know that sometimes as a dad I spend more time taking care of my family than myself. Blue Apron has allowed me to continue to take care of my family, while they take care of me, I get to eat different dishes that I prepare that are healthy and delicious, yes I still have to make the meal, but I don’t have to grocery shop, (saves time), I don’t have to plan, (saves time), and its delivered to my door (saves time). Both my wife and I make them together, bringing us closer together (happy wife happy life). If you are not sure what you want for dinner tonight check out BlueApron

You will always have something good to eat. My wife and I have been using Blue Apron for over 2 months now and we don’t have any regrets about it. we have actually started a binder of all the different recipes they have sent us so far. My favorites are the grilled cheese style and the Asian inspired dishes, I will be posting more of my favorites on my site you can link to it here.

3 Meals Free on Your First Blue Apron Order