When my wife and I started using Blue Apron, the only item we had was a sharp knife, as we made more of the meals, we saw a need for a few accessories that make the job of cooking easier. Below you will find a short list of accessories that we eventually purchased, and it made cooking with blue apron much easier and more fun.

The first thing we bought was a set of bowls, If you look at every recipe guide you will notice in the pictures they are using different sized clear glass bowls. We bought these bowls and it makes life so much easier than tracking down enough plastic containers to hold all the chopped and diced food. They are designed to be used with the different sizes of diced and chopped produce, they are all dishwasher safe and you can get these on amazon.

Glass Bowl Set


The next best thing we discovered we needed is a good zester, almost every recipe calls for zested or minced, something or other, also we found that it works better for mincing garlic than a garlic press or using a knife and cutting the cloves into tiny little minced pieces, just put the zester over the bowl and go to town. You can find the zester at amazon, here is the link to the one we bought.

Best Zester link

I guess I already skipped over it but obviously you need a good set of knives. The standard set you inherited from your grandma when you were in college, probably isn’t enough to really get through many of the recipes. We have a set of miracle blade knives you don’t need the miracle blade set but if you are going to spend the money it might as well be on the best, they have a nice assortment of blades ranging from a small paring knife to great big chopping knife, I have used the whole set when making some of the recipes, so if you are using one knife to do all the work than make the investment and make your life easier. And I can tell you because I have used these knives for almost 5 years, I have never had to sharpen them and they will cut through anything.

Miracle Blade Set


These are just a couple of items that you should look into if you are new to Blue Apron.

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Thanks for reading.

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