One of my favorite meals from blue Apron is the Red Thai Curry and Rice, this was a spicy dish that required many drinks to get through but the flavor was so good that I wanted to keep going.

I consider myself pretty tough when it comes to spicy food, and this hit the mark.

the Official Blue Apron description is:

A Thai favorite, Massaman curry
owes its flavor to the influence of
Indian-style curries in the country’s
cuisine. This interpretation uses
late-summer cherry tomatoes
and eggplant, alongside Shokicki
squash—a dark green autumn variety
with a sweet, pumpkin-like flavor.
(Be sure to use a sharp knife and
a steady hand when peeling your
Shokichi!) Fresh ginger and red
curry paste give the dish its enticing
aroma, while coconut milk and
peanut butter beautifully complement
the creaminess of the squash.
that just sounds good.
I have a friend from India that used to invite my wife and I over for dinner from time to time before she moved back, and this recipe comes as close to authentic as one can. I am by no means a chef and this recipe was pretty easy to make.
As usual you need to chop and pan fry and simmer the ingredients, the instructions are easy to follow and even if it isn’t as pretty as a master chef, it tasted just as good.
This is my first real food review and again this is just one of my favorites, so I hope you found it helpful, I am sure that I will get better the more I write. For more details visit the link below and try for yourself.

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