Last night was one of the best dishes I have had from blue apron. It was the Roasted Eggplant Pitas recipe.

The official description from Blue Apron is:

With an irresistible combination of tender eggplant, hard-boiled eggs and a bevy of other tasty ingredients, it’s no wonder sabich is a favorite street food in Tel Aviv. In this take on the sandwich, we’re slathering our warm pitas with a tangy spread of labneh cheese spiced with za’atar and Aleppo pepper. A garnish of microgreens (the tiny, just-sprouted tendrils of leafy greens) gives the pitas a bit of crisp texture. On the side, we’re rounding out cherry tomatoes and cucumber—delicious elements of classic Israeli salad—

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My first thought on this was it tasted like spring. The cucumbers were nice and crunchy, the tomatoes were fresh, and this all mixed with the juice of some lemons brought the side dish together in a perfect marriage with the Farro (grain). The zesty labneh cheese on the pitas was delicious and I thought brought the roasted eggplant and pitas together perfectly without over powering the dish.

Although I am not a vegetarian (my wife is) this dish being vegetarian didn’t deter me from enjoying it. This was simple to make, it was a little quicker to cook than other dishes we have from Blue Apron.

I know it’s a short review, but my blog is about my favorites so you know if I write about it I liked it.

My wife and I have the “3 meals per week, for 2” plan, vegetarian meals because she doesn’t eat meat. I love meat so we compromised and she got what she wanted. I was a little sad at first about not getting a meaty protein in my dinner but after a couple of weeks it didn’t really matter. These meals are filling and have a great combination of flavors. You can read my general review about why we choose to start with Blue Apron Blue Apron Overview, and if you are just getting started you can check out my other post on what accessories you might need Accessories.

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