There is nothing more unnerving than traveling through airports and across the country with little kids.

Well here we go again, this time I am taking my 5 year old and my 2 year old out to Portland, OR by way of Seattle, WA. There aren’t any direct flights from where I live to Portland so I have decided, since I don’t even want to take the chance on switching planes anywhere, that the next best option was a direct flight to Seattle then drive down to Portland the next day to visit my family.

One of the many things that will be a challenge is the car seats, they need them on the plane and in the car at the end of the trip so we get to drag them around in the airport, buckle them into the plane seat, and take them out and put them in the rental car. This was the main reason that I don’t want to switch planes anywhere, that and after a 4 hour flight I doubt my kids will sit back down in another plane.

While in Portland we plan on visiting the Coast, Mt. Hood, the Oregon zoo, a couple of parks with playgrounds to wear out the kids, and a hike to see some waterfalls if there is time. Its my goal to make this a memorable vacation for all and not just stressful for me.

I will add another Post after the trip outlining what I learned on traveling with kids to Portland, OR.

If you have read to this point and have any suggestions on making the traveling easier or if you are from Portland or Seattle and have some ideas on things we need to see while out there, Please post them in the comments. thanks for reading.