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There is a new top of the list recipe I want to share with you from Blue Apron. Shokichi Squash Ragu & Mafalada Pasta with Mushrooms, Garlic Chives & Rosemary, this was an easy vegetarian recipe to make, it had the least amount of ingredients I’ve seen so far and the taste was awesome. I was able to chop and sauté my way through this recipe in just under an hour and it looks so fancy.

My actual plated meal

The official blue apron description goes like this:

Tonight, we’re making a cool-weather staple with a vegetarian twist: squash ragù. At the base of our sumptuously hearty sauce is sweet, creamy shokichi squash (a hard-skinned variety with light to dark green skin), cooked until it turns meltingly tender. We’re pairing our ragù with frilly mafalda pasta, then adding ruffled maitake and fan-shaped oyster mushrooms, sautéed with a bit of woodsy rosemary. (Chefs, we’re sending you extra rosemary, which can be used in any number of fall recipes!)


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The important part, the taste, as with any blue apron recipe the taste is never dull, this recipe is no exception. From the pasta to the last piece of garlic chive this was an all-around good dish. The mushrooms added a meaty component while the cream, made the pasta soft in your mouth. The squash, garlic, mushrooms made the ragu flavorful and complex. We used all the rosemary and pepper flakes and it was still good, so don’t worry if you are like me and don’t want to waste ingredients (don’t use all the garlic). The squash cooked down very nice and made the ragu, I did have to simmer it a bit longer than the recipe said so the squash got soft enough but that wasn’t a big deal. Over all I am very satisfied with this recipe and that is why I am adding it to my favorites. I know this is short but thanks for reading, for more favorites and tools in the kitchen click on the link.

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