After little more than a year of TV and Radio ads, mudslinging, and name calling, all of which my daughter was exposed to, this campaign season is finally coming to an end today 11/8/16, (and not a minute too soon).

This post is about talking to your kids about the importance of voting and also a good way to describe the president so kids can understand. Anyone who has little kids might not know how to talk to them about what is going on in America today, because today is Election day and how do you describe the president to your child.

I started off many weeks ago trying to explain things to my 5 year old daughter after she saw a trump add on TV, you know the one where he is swearing and flinging his arms around in a non presidential manner, she is a very bright person but when I told her there a person that runs our country she was blown away. I started talking about the election process and the state governments and when her eyes glazed over I knew I had lost her. I did a little research and found ways other people had luck talking about the president and elections and its historical importance. Since my daughter understands a school room’s dynamics I tried to explain it to her in those terms.

“The principal is like the president and all the students get to vote for the principal”. It was so simple and based on that she understood. I did go on to talk about “The bully’s in her class that might try and change her mind, and the groups of students that will all vote the same way because a teacher told them to, but at the end of the day her decision to vote for the next president (principal) is an important decision, and her decision to make.”

I told her today that we only get to choose a president every 4 years so the next time this happens she will be 9 years old and in fourth grade. She might have a better understanding at that point but I think she gets what’s going on, at least on simple terms.

To sum up all this garble, when talking to your child about voting, or elections, or the president, it’s important to put it in terms they understand, and with their limited time on the planet they don’t have the experiences to really understand the impact in the way we do as parents. So put yourself in your child’s shoes when explaining it and take them to the polls with you so they can see the process.

As always if you made it to the end, thank you for reading, and happy Election Day.

Tomorrow we need to all work together again no matter what political part we identify with.


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