Hello Readers, It’s been too long since my last post. I have been very busy getting ready for winter in Wisconsin, the yard, the house, the snow blower all need to be ready to go for the cold and snow. On top of that I have been building a set of coffee table legs for my mother in law. I saw a picture online last year and decided I could build it and have wanted to try my hand at it since then, so a couple of weeks back, I set off to home depot for some supplies and wood stock.

Called Evans Coffee Table per Google Search

After a couple of weeks and some new tools I was finished. I had to learn some new skills, and wipe the dust off some other tools.  I made some mistakes along the way, learned from them, and also learned that a master woodworker still makes mistakes but is really good at hiding them. I am not as good, yet.  I had to run back to home depot for more wood once but all in all the project was a success and has rekindled my love of woodworking.

Some of the tools needed were; a good stacked dado set (see my link below for the one I bought, worked great), lots of sand paper ( I have a Black and Decker Mouse that worked perfect for this job), miter saw, table saw, I used a shop smith in stead of a table saw for most of the work, and a router table that I modified to fit on the rails of my shop smith. One quick note, if you have never heard of a shop smith you are missing out, this is the most useful tool in my shop and takes the place of a half dozen free standing machines.

Oshlun 6in Stack Dado Set

Shopsmith with router table attached
upgraded the fences on the shopsmith and router table
Flat Bottom with Dado Set. Perfect
Flat Bottom with Dado Set. Perfect

Excellent Dado Set

I finished the project with Min wax stain and wipe on poly and shipped the legs to my in laws where I will be installing those when I travel there for the holidays. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and keep making wood chips.

20161114_200007_resized_1 20161114_144801_resized_1 coffee-table20161116_174606_resized_1

I know this is a quick post but I needed to get this out there before I forget. Thanks for reading and as always please click the follow button at the bottom of the page and stay updated on my latest posts.