I’ll give you the short, long version. I was born in the spring a “few” years back, grew up a little, joined the military, finished college, met my wife, then was forced to grow up a lot more (meeting my wife and growing up ARE related),  now I can look in the mirror and see my dad.  I have two wonderful kids that suck the energy out of me daily but also give me a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

I remember the days when I used to go out to the bars with friends, stay up late, and watch movies that would be inappropriate for my kids to watch. Now I can name all the care bears, my little ponies, and almost every Disney princess and the color of their hair. Do I miss those days? Yes sometimes and no sometimes, I still have single friends who are doing the same thing they did 15 years ago, I don’t think they will ever truly be happy, I don’t want to go back to that, I like what I have now, I like knowing my kids love me unconditionally, single people without kids don’t know that feeling.

I started this webpage and blog to highlight the happiness that can be achieved from being a dad, not everything on my site will be dad specific, some topics will be guy oriented while others will be mom oriented. If there are any dads out there looking for advice, this might not be the site for you; I am just a guy who wants write down his experiences and allow others to get some good information and maybe a few tips that will help being a dad easier (I say that laughing because being a dad is never easy) how about less painless.

Some categories that I plan to write about are: grilling/smoking meat, this is a hobby of mine and I find it very relaxing, also my daughter at 5 years old can tell a good rack of ribs from a not so good one at the store. Obviously I will share stories about my kids and the funny things they do, some topics for mom about why a dad does what he does, and few product reviews of things that have helped me along the way, all of my successful dad habits and some to avoid.

Feel free to leave comments, I like to know if I am hitting the mark with my topics or wasting my time writing, I want to give my readers quality material to read and learn from, and I can’t get any better if you don’t comment.